Premier Minnesota Family Resorts offering Family Getaways with Lakeside Lodging on: White Iron Chain of Lakes, Lake Vermillion and Birch Lake

Minnesota Family Resort

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Minnesota Family Resort’s offers a great selection of Top Rated Resorts in Northern Minnesota.

These “family friendly” resorts offer a spectacular variety of activities and accommodations designed to enhance your once in a lifetime Family Resort vacation.

Our Resorts are committed to offering a variety of activities to meet the desires of all family members. When considering a family vacation it is important that you, communicate to your resort vacation provider your expectations and desires. These resorts are committed to working with you and your family to meet those expectations.

About Our Premier Family Resorts:

Each of the Minnesota Family Resort properties listed in this website is unique, and they offer both similar and differing vacation options. A review of the amenities offered at each of these properties will highlight some of those differences. We hope you will consider one of these properties when considering a Northern Minnesota Family Resort vacation.

We hope you will contact us and share with us your vacation plans in the hope that we can work to meet and exceed your expectations

Minnesota Vacation activities:

These Properties are some of the finest resorts in Northern Minnesota. They are committed to insuring you and your family have a quality Minnesota Resort Vacation. Whether your vacation is a family reunion or a single family getaway, we know that not all family members desire to participate in the same

Northern Minnesota Area:

Minnesota vacations have historically been the desired family vacation for generations of families throughout the Midwest. Northern Minnesota is unique in its regional landscape which has changed minimally since the ice ages more than 10,000 years ago. The glaciers carved into Northern Minnesota’s bedrock and left a landscape that formed our many lakes and interconnecting rivers.

By taking a short plane ride from your chosen resort property you will be awed by the vast wilderness and boreal forest that surrounds you. The 5000 lakes that comprise this unique vacation area offer multiple opportunities for fishing, hiking, boating, and exploration.

When selecting a Minnesota Resort vacation we hope you will consider one of these three quality resorts. Before you do that, however, we ask you to invest a little time helping us know exactly what you want. When making a reservation with Minnesota Family Resorts we encourage you to ask as many questions as you have.

Timber Bay Lodge & Houseboats

Timber Trail Lodge & Outfitters

Pehrson Lodge & Resort

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